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The aim of the organization is to bring the traditional martial skills of Tamils ​​to the world stage through the sports industry. It also includes weapons like stick, knife, sword, vel, and bow

Our Mission

We have divided ancient war weapons and war tactics into 12 categories and prepared rules for them and conducted them as a sports competition.


Silambam is a great martial art that originated in Tamil Nadu. It is a martial art that uses weapons ranging from stone and stick to ancient war weapons to defend itself during the period of evolution from ape to man. This includes unarmed combat

The silambam contests' current weapons are us.

The Philosophy of Silambam

One can integrate the mind and body and reach a degree of divinity by engaging in silambam practise. High level practitioners of this discipline possess courage, calmness, and an absence of mental temptation.

Derivation of Word Silambam

Lord Muruga is the one who formalized the Silambam art and he also has another name as Silambarasan he is also a Tamil God. He was also a Sevak war commander in the mythological times.

Si + Lam + Bam = Silambam

Si - stands for vital internal energy
Lam - refers to the sound made by the action of weapons.
Bam – means increase of life force.

Derivation of Word Silambattam

Under their dominance, the Brits made it illegal to keep war weapons in one's home. When many Silambam training facilities were shut down, Tamil speakers taught the art form alongside dances under the name Silambattam in an effort to preserve it for future generations. They were then taught to maintain fire on both sides of the silambam stick and to create decorative items; as a result, this craft is still known as silambattam today. Silambattam is one of the Folk art

  • At now, Silambatta programmes are performed as entertainment at temple festivals and yearly events at schools and colleges.

  • In our organization, we run these silambattam tournaments as team events.

Equipment for silambattam



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